The Marche Region is famous for the wide variety of food and wine and the Panoramica is pleased to offer their traditional and homely cusine carefully prepared by Lauretana.
The groceries are purchased daily, the products are fresh and genuine like the fruit and vegetables that we purchase from our neighboring farmers.


Breakfast is a rich and varied buffet with homemade cakes and tarts.
Fish is served twice a week, from the Adriatic Sea, fried and grilled. Sunday dinner menu is several fresh pasta dishes, cold cuts, farmyard chicken and lamb mixed fried with the famous Ascolana olives.
All dishes are dressed with oil produced by our olive trees and served with excellent local wine.

cena con clienti esterno

Dinner is served outdoors under our delightful veranda while having dinner parents can easily control their children playing.
Evening dinner menus are shown every morning giving you the opportunity to choose and vary dishes, and to confirm particular menus and hours for children.